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The COMPASS Chronicle, our newsletter, was named “Morningstar's Best Client Newsletter” in 2012. Click on the link above for our most recent newsletter or click on the links below for the individual articles. Feel free to share this newsletter with anyone who may have interest. To access our previous newsletters, please click on the tab “Recent Newsletters” in the lower left margin of this page.

Seven Key Components Of Trump's Tax Reform Plan

On November 8, 2016, Donald Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States, culminating a two-year campaign. It is expected that it will take considerably less time . . . Read more..

Five Key Documents In An Estate Plan

To do a job right, you need the proper tools. And while each and every estate plan is unique, these five documents are often integral elements . . . Read more..

How To Guard Against “Skimmers”

In this age of technology, you probably don't think twice about using the ATM at your bank, the self-checkout machine at the supermarket, or various credit card terminals around town . . . Read more..

When Does Life Insurance Make Sense?

As a basic tool to protect your family, life insurance has an obvious appeal. But its value goes beyond the obvious benefit of providing cash for your loved ones at a crucial juncture . . . Read more..

Where Will You Live After You Retire?

Planning your retirement involves far more than determining how much income you will need. One of the most basic and important decisions is where you want to live during your retirement years . . . Read more..

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